Civil Lawyer in Vietnam

Since the relationship is based on equality and liberty, civil transactions are dynamic and diversified, especially property transactions. This is both an opportunity for the subjects to negotiate freely in transactions. Nevertheless, that issue also involved potential risks, which raises disputes. To exclude troubles, individuals and organizations need to understand certainly the laws and apply control over legal risks. Therefore,  the parties should have legal counsel.

With a team of lawyers who are knowledgeable and experienced in property and inheritance transactions in Vietnam, Kien Viet Law firm is confident to bringing clients professional services in their civil work in Vietnam.

Property transactions such as

  • Secured transactions such as pledges, mortgages, deposits, guarantee…
  • Deals in houses, land, construction, and other real estate.
  • Transactions of buying, selling, gifting, giving, borrowing… assets.
  • Transactions in leasing and contracting assets and relevant regulations of law.

Legal advice, support procedures, drafting and reviewing documents related to inheritance and inheritance division.

Consulting, supporting, and participating in resolving civil, property and inheritance disputes.

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