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Real estate is an asset of great value, therefore, transactions with this asset class carry many risks that if not careful can cause heavy damage to the parties involved in the transaction. In addition, the regulations governing legal relations in the field of real estate are in many different legal documents and new decrees and circulars are also issued continuously, causing individuals, households, and organizations to face many difficulties and embarrassments in practice. Therefore, it is essential to have a lawyer with in-depth knowledge and experience in real estate to advise and support.

Why use the real estate attorney services of Kien Viet Law Firm?

With a team of lawyers with in-depth knowledge and consulting experienced in the field of real estate, the Real Estate Lawyer of Kien Viet Law Firm is confident to provide clients with the best legal consulting services, minimize the clients’ risks and peace of mind when making transactions and participating in investment projects with real estate objects. Real estate law is the area of strength of Kien Viet Law Firm. At the same time, we are committed to securing information and providing customers with quality and prestigious legal services with the most conscientiousness at a reasonable cost.

Real estate attorneys’ services in Vietnam

Lawyers’ services for compensation and land clearance

  • Advice on cases of land acquisition by the State.
  • Consultation on the process of land acquisition and clearance.
  • Customer representatives work with state agencies when conducting surveys, measurements, tallying, and compensation.
  • Advising on compensation when the State recovers land.
  • Proving damage, collecting evidence, records, and necessary documents to serve the complaint or lawsuit institution.
  • The representative of the customer is authorized to complain and initiate lawsuits when the customer is compensated for unsatisfactory ground clearance.

Lawyer services for legalization of real estate, making real estate papers

  • Advising on cases of land use right certificates.
  • Consultation on procedures for applying for, granting, exchanging, and re-granting land use right certificates.
  • Consultation to change the name of certificate of land use rights/house ownership certificate.
  • Consulting on real estate registration and land registration procedures.
  • Consulting on a minimum area of land plot separation.
  • Consultation on the order, procedures, and costs of land plot separation and consolidation.
  • Advising on cases of land-use change without permission.
  • Advising on cases of land-use change subject to permission.
  • Consulting on procedures for changing land use purposes and preparing necessary documents and papers.
  • Representing customers to carry out procedures at state agencies.

Lawyers for consulting and drafting real estate transaction contracts

Our attorneys advise on the drafting of contracts and assist in the execution of contracts:

  • Consulting services, drafting real estate deposit contracts, real estate transfer, real estate leasing, real estate sublease, real estate donation, real estate mortgage, investment cooperation real estate investment.
  • Consulting on investment in houses, land, and construction works.
  • Consultation on procedures for leaving an inheritance, declaration of inheritance, and division of inheritance is real estate.
  • Consulting capital contribution by land-use rights, housing.

Real estate project legal consulting service is a strong and professional service provided by Kien Viet Law Firm for the following subjects:

  • Legal advice on real estate projects for the owner investors.
  • Legal advice on real estate projects for real estate buyers and real estate investors.
  • Legal advice on real estate projects for real estate brokers, real estate distribution brokers.

Lawyers for settlement of disputes and lawsuits on real estate

  • Support in collecting evidence for real estate disputes.
  • Consultation and support in cases of real estate disputes must be mediated at the People’s Committee of Commune/Ward.
  • Research cases, and advice on solutions to resolve disputes on land use rights, and housing disputes with agencies, organizations, individuals, and households in real estate transactions.
  • Consulting and providing solutions to resolve disputes about real estate business and real estate projects.
  • Initiating litigation over real estate and house land.
  • Participate in procedures to protect the customers’ interests in courts, people’s committees, and competent agencies to resolve disputes over real estate and real estate.

Types of real estate projects that Kien Viet Law Firm provides legal advice

  • Legal advice on the ground project.
  • Legal advice on individual ground plot separation projects.
  • Consultant of resort real estate projects.
  • Legal advice on housing projects.
  • Legal advice for the condominium project.
  • Legal advice on the hotel project.
  • Legal advice for urban area projects.
  • Legal advice for residential projects.
  • Legal advice on industrial real estate projects.
  • Legal consultancy for hotels, hospitals, and industrial parks.

Real estate lawyers in Vietnam

We provide real estate attorneys services in localities across Vietnam.

Real estate attorneys’ fees

Based on factors such as the nature, complexity of the request, conditions, circumstances of the client, and time and effort of the lawyer, we will notify you of the initial cost of legal services. Customers may agree to use various forms of fee payment depending on their conditions, such as:

  • Package consultation fee according to the case/request.
  • The monthly rates for consulting the services of real estate attorneys.
  • The service fee for real estate lawyers according to each specific profile and job as agreed with the customer.

Customers can pay the service fee in cash or through the bank account we provide.

Real estate attorneys’ services in Vietnam

The lawyers of Kien Viet Law Firm are trained officially at prestigious universities in Vietnam. Kien Viet’s lawyers are passionate and responsible legal professionals with in-depth knowledge and many years of consulting experience in the field of real estate and projects. We always do our best to provide our customers with optimal solutions and take the benefit of our customers as a priority.

In charge of real estate legal advice is Lawyer Do Thanh Lam. Before the co-founder of Kien Viet Law Firm, Lam lawyers had many years of experience working in various roles for Law firms and Legal affairs. In particular, real estate is the strength and specialized field of Lam Lawyers. Lawyer Lam used to perform many positions for real estate units such as notary offices, real estate owner investors, real estate brokerage companies…

Contact Real estate lawyers in Vietnam

If you have any questions about real estate legalization, settlement of real estate disputes, real estate transactions, investment in real estate investment projects, etc., please do not hesitate to contact a lawyer specializing in real estate at Kien Viet Law Firm according to the information below:


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