Matrimonial and Family Legal Service in Vietnam

Why are Matrimonial and Family Lawyers in demand in Viet Nam?

Nowadays as Viet Nam is developing rapidly, there are many individuals from foreign countries who immigrated to Viet Nam for employment, settle down and get married to Vietnamese people. Therefore, there is growing trends of divorce, cohabitation, and people living as a single parent with illegitimate children, etc.

Matrimonial and Family Legal Service provide the solution for above-mentioned legal issues, preventing disputes and protecting our clients’ legitimate rights and interests.

Most requests for Matrimonial and family consultation are related to divorces and dispute settlement that are costly and time-consuming.

With the assistance of a Family Attorney, otherwise time-consuming dispute resolution and litigation will proceed righteously and objectively, your rights and interests will always be protected. Our clients always have Kien Viet Law Firm to turn to, especially when they are unable to participate in court or defend themselves. We are confident in our team

Our family attorney services in Vietnam

– Consulting on Marriage Registration

– Consulting on Marriage Registration involving foreign elements

– Adoption in Viet Nam

– Child Adoption involving foreign elements in Vietnam

– Advising on the birth certificate, death certification

– Guardianship in Viet Nam

– Changing information on birth certificate in Vietnam

–  Household registration, transfer of household registration in Vietnam

– Giving property as a gift in Vietnam

– Declare estate and gift in Vietnam

– Joint property of married couples in Vietnam

Consulting on Divorce:

–  Advice on grounds for divorce in Vietnam

– Right to request settlement of divorce in Vietnam

– Dividing property during a Divorce in Vietnam

– Custody and custody during a divorce

Child support obligations upon divorce in Vietnam

– Consulting on time of marriage

– Lawyer service to perform unilateral divorce procedures, love contracts; especially aid in the timely settlement, simple procedures in Vietnam

–  Lawyer service relating to Divorce involving foreign elements

–  Legal service relating to preparing documents necessary for divorce in Vietnam

Legal service on Dispute settlements post-divorce

– Consultation on the property after divorce

– Consultation on retrieving physical custody in Vietnam

– Consultation on child support after divorce in Vietnam

– Consultation on rights and obligations of parents, children after divorce in Vietnam

– Consultation on property settlement principles after divorce in Vietnam

–  Consultation on agreement of the parents on the change of the person who directly raises the child after marriage in Vietnam

– Consultation on handling Adultery, domestic violence,…

– Consultation on handling of acknowledgment of legal marriage without marriage registration in Vietnam

– Consultation on handling of illegal cancellation of marriage

Litigation and settlement of disputes regarding the adoption and division of property of men and women living together as husband and wife without marriage registration or when illegally canceling the union.

– Handling requests for cancellation of adoption in Vietnam, requests relating to childbirth by assisted reproductive technology and surrogacy according to Vietnamese regulations.

– Handling of acknowledgment and enforcement of foreign judgments, decisions relating to family and marriage in Vietnam.  

Fees and charges to hire a Matrimonial and Family Lawyer in Vietnam

With consideration of different factors such as: the nature, complexity, conditions, circumstances, time and effort of lawyers, Kien Viet Law Firm provides you with service packages for marriage lawyers in Vietnam with reasonable and flexible fees. Customers can agree to use many different forms of payment depending on their conditions such as:

– Package consultation fee according to the case/request.

– Marriage counseling fee for each profile and task.

Customers can pay the service fee in cash or through the bank account which we provide.

Some of the reasons that clients should contact and choose us as a legal service provider are:

– Our goal is to solve matrimonial legal issues and bring optimal benefits to customers, ensuring to provide quick and accurate legal information related to all questions related to marriage, the field of marriage and family.

– The lawyers of Kien Viet Law Firm are knowledgeable about Vietnamese law and all experienced in the field of marriage through many years of practice. Especially, our lawyers have helped many families solve their marriage problems quickly and accurately.

– The marriage lawyer service of Kien Viet Law Firm is evaluated as a service of high quality, prestige and professional attitude.

We always emphasize the importance of listening and caring in order to understand the circumstances and wishes of our customers and to provide services with complete understanding and devotion

-Kien Viet Law’s lawyer fee for marriage service is reasonable and flexible. Customers do not need to be concerned about price or service quality because we are committed to always putting the interests of customers first, providing the best service experience at an affordable price

– Lawyers at Kien Viet Law Firm commit to keeping all information, documents and work exchanges with clients confidential.

– The service is accessible at anytime – anywhere. The time-frame for direct consultation at the office during office hours, if customers need to consult outside of hours or outside the office, they will need to contact in advance to book an appointment. In addition, remote customers can choose to consult online. Lawyers always try their best to solve all requests of customers in the most timely and convenient way.


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