Comprehensive legal service packages for businesses

The business legal service package provides comprehensive legal support for all your business needs. Our experienced lawyers can assist you with everything from business establishment and contract drafting to ensuring legal compliance and resolving disputes. Let us guide you through the complex legal challenges so you can focus on achieving your business goals.

Business legal service package for enterprises

Business legal service package for enterprises

What is a legal department?

A legal department ensures a company operates within the boundaries of all relevant laws and regulations. This vital function minimizes legal risks and protects the organization’s reputation. The legal department acts as a strategic partner, providing expert guidance on legal matters to management, operations, and leadership teams.

Tasks and roles of the legal department?

The Legal Department plays a critical role in ensuring the Company’s adherence to all applicable regulations and internal policies. Its core responsibilities encompass:

  • Monitoring departmental activities within the Business to guarantee compliance with legal and internal frameworks.
  • Providing legal guidance and reviewing draft contracts formulated by other business departments. This includes offering legal opinions and revisions before submission to the Board of Directors, Management Board, Chairman, General Director, or Business Director. Additionally, the department participates in contract negotiations and signings.
  • Supporting senior leadership by providing commentary and analysis on legal documents received from external agencies and organizations. This involves summarizing and evaluating legal matters relevant to the company’s production and business operations
  • Ensuring legal compliance by disseminating legal knowledge, and educating employees on statutes, internal regulations, and company policies.
  • Monitoring and enforcing adherence to laws, regulations, and internal policies. Evaluating employee understanding of legal matters and their compliance awareness.
  • Assessing legal and business environment risks for international investment projects. Providing legal counsel on organizational decisions and business management.
  • Representing the Chairman, General Director, or Business Director in litigation or arbitration proceedings to safeguard the company’s legal rights and interests.

What is an outsourced legal department?

For small and medium-sized businesses, building and maintaining an internal legal team can be a significant cost and time burden. The outsourced legal department (regular legal advice for businesses) offers a cost-effective solution. By partnering with experienced consulting firms, businesses gain access to legal expertise for critical issues, without the overhead of an in-house legal department.

Benefits of outsourcing legal department for businesses

Benefits of outsourcing legal department

Benefits of outsourcing legal department

To shed light on the compelling advantages of outsourcing legal department, here are some key benefits that can transform your business operations:

  • Access a team of legal specialists led by experienced lawyers, ensuring your business receives professional and effective solutions to complex legal issues.
  • Eliminate the burden of employee salaries, benefits, and training costs associated with maintaining an in-house legal team.
  • Focus on core business activities while the outsourced team handles compliance monitoring, procedure implementation, and timely policy updates.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of online tools for efficient communication and collaboration with your legal counsel.
  • Benefit from cost-effective legal services that empower your business to make informed decisions and navigate the regulatory landscape with confidence.

Process of providing comprehensive legal services for businesses at Kien Viet Law

What to expect from a law firm's comprehensive legal services

What to expect from a law firm’s comprehensive legal services

Receiving information and client needs

  • This process includes collecting information about the business, legal issues that the business needs to resolve, and the specific requirements of the business for each service.
  • Information and client needs can be collected through direct exchanges, phone calls, or the Internet.
  • We will carefully listen to client needs to provide the most suitable advice and solutions.

Legal advice

After collecting information, we will provide legal advice to clients. The advice includes:

  • Legal regulations related to the business activities
  • Legal risks that the business may face
  • Legal solutions to resolve business issues
  • Drafting legal documents

Drafting documents

According to the needs of the business, we support the business in drafting documents for legal procedures including:

  • Business registration certificate
  • Commercial contracts
  • Labor contracts
  • Corporate charters
  • Internal regulations of the enterprise
  • Representatives participate in administrative procedures, litigation

Administrative procedures

The legal team will represent the enterprise to carry out administrative procedures related to the business activities of the enterprise, including:

  • Business registration
  • Change of business registration
  • Application for business license (sub-license)
  • Application for construction permits
  • Application for investment registration certificates
  • Registration to participate in bidding

Monitoring and resolving legal issues

Our team proactively monitors for potential legal issues, helping you mitigate risks and safeguard your rights and interests. This proactive approach ensures you can focus on running your business with confidence.

Cost of using comprehensive legal services for enterprises

LKV_Price list

The cost of using comprehensive legal services for enterprises depends on many factors, including:

  • The complexity of the legal matters involved
  • Geographic location
  • Type of enterprise
  • Experience level of the lawyers assigned
  • Project timeline
  • Specific needs and demands of your business

Some ways to save your money when hiring comprehensive legal services:

  • Compare fees between service providers.
  • Choose a suitable service package.
  • Choose a reputable law firm or lawyer’s office with extensive experience in the field in which the enterprise operates.
  • Contact for initial consultation and clearly define the scope of advice and support.

Our price list for regular legal services:

Contact for comprehensive legal services

Kien Viet Law Firm provides comprehensive legal services for enterprises:

  • Consultation on the operation methods and procedures of the legal department.
  • Support and advice on legal situations in business.
  • Provide comprehensive legal services for businesses efficiently.

The post has provided some information on comprehensive legal services for businesses. We hope this will be helpful to our clients. If you have any questions on business law or you need legal services for businesses, please contact our lawyers for more specific advice.

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