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Foreign investment project consultancy in Vietnam

Project investment is one of the activities that attracted the attention of individuals, domestic and foreign organizations. The legal provisions are increasingly improved to encourage investment activities in various fields. However, this activity is considered tough and risk able, it requires the head investors, and investors to find a thorough grasp of law provisions and understand deeply the field they invested in. Kien Viet Law Firm provides customers with sincere consulting services, support the throughout preparation process, and implementing of project investments to help head investors, investors understand the projects. In addition, prevent risks maximum when implementing investment projects in Vietnam.

Why are project investments in Viet Nam required Lawyer support?

Foreign and domestic investor’s investment activities also associate to the establishment and activities in the field of projects. We deeply understand that investment activities are valuable with long-term investment projects. Legal regulations on projects investment in Vietnam are varied and complicated. Meanwhile, to implement a project, it is necessary to perform many different stages such as looking for land funds, locations, capital preparation, permits and approval of investment registration, under construction…

With our experience and relationships in the Vietnam market, we can support and legal co-operate with investors through the project implementation process in Vietnam.

The prestigious lawyer consults in project investment in Vietnam

Kien Viet Law Firm is one of the leading prestigious law firms in Vietnam, operating in many different fields. In particular, project investment consultancy is the central field that we are aiming to serve customers. We provide lawyer services with several projects such as real estate, infrastructure, energy, factory, import and export …

Kien Viet Law Firm provided comprehensive consulting services for all project investment issues and supported customers in many jobs from research, market evaluation, drafting appropriate documents, agreements, also deploy, adjust, terminate the project and resolve disputes in the field of project investment.

Kien Viet Law Firm provides investment consultancy services to investors with affordable and flexible fees and a commitment to non-disclosure information. Receiving customer satisfaction as a superior goal, we always aim to be effective at work and dedicated our best to bring optimum benefits to customers.

Kien Viet Law Firm is proud to have a senior and prestigious lawyer. The lawyer from Kien Viet Law Firm was educated in the best universities in Vietnam. Our lawyers are leading practitioners in their field with many years of experience, successfully advising on many investment projects.

Scope of Lawyer’ s support in consulting projects investment in Vietnam

Kien Viet Law Firm provides project investment law services to domestic and foreign individuals and organizations with investment and business activities across the Vietnamese territory.

Services of project investments lawyers in Viet Nam

Lawyers consult for domestic investors

  • Consulting on establishing a business enterprise to conduct project
  • Advice on legal regulations, processes and procedures for investment projects
  • Assess the benefits and risks of the project, marketing research for businesses enterprises in demand.
  • Advice on selecting forms and investment plans to achieve high efficiency
  • Searching for suitable land fund for domestic investors to implement investment projects in provinces
  • Prepare documents for investment policies, granting investment registration certificates to domestic investors.
  • Representatives  of investors working with state agencies to issue investment policies, grant investment registration certificates to domestic investors and project implementation
  • Consulting and implementing the following procedures after investment policies such as: Approving detailed construction planning of 1/500 scale; Procedures for land allocation, land lease, application for land use purpose; Procedures for approval of basic design, construction design for investment projects; Procedures for granting construction permits for the project ….
  • Project time limit, support for project extension 
  • Objective adjustment services, investment project scale
  • Service changes in information, investment capital, investment capital, form of investment, geography Investment points …
  • Consulting capital contribution with land use rights and properties on land under investment projects
  • Expanding, supplementing, changing and termination of investment projects

Lawyers consult for foreign investors to invest in Vietnam

  • Advice on legal provisions and legal procedures related to investment in Vietnam for foreign investors
  • Advice on investment incentive policies for foreign investors
  • Advice on business lines invested in Vietnam
  • Prepare investment projects and support for granting and adjusting investment certificates to foreign investors
  • Service of establishing representative offices and branches of foreign businesses in Vietnam
  • Advice on selecting investment forms: Business cooperation, establishing 100%      foreign-invested enterprises, joint venture enterprises, buying shares, contributing capital to businesses in Vietnam
  • Advice for foreign investors to choose the form of direct and indirect investment in Vietnam
  • Searching for suitable land funds for foreign investors to implement investment projects in provinces and cities
  • Consulting and supporting foreign-owned business mergers and acquisitions in Vietnam
  • Consulting, supporting FDI project transfer
  • Consulting and dissolving FDI enterprises, terminating investment projects, liquidating contracts with partners
  • Support to apply for a license for foreign contractors in Vietnam
  • Legal advice and implementation of permission services related to residence, temporary and visa cards for foreigners working in Vietnam

Lawyer consult transfer, purchase, acquisition in part or in all investment projects, division of investment projects

  • Consulting conditions for merging and splitting investment projects in Vietnam
  • Support to prepare documents, consult the project splitting and merger process in Vietnam
  • Advice on investment project transfer conditions in Vietnam
  • Verify the legal documents of the transferor of the investment project in Vietnam
  • Consulting processes and procedures for transferring part or the whole project in Vietnam
  • Risks and legal issues arising when transferring the project
  • Advice on financial obligations and payment methods when transferring the project
  • Drafting contracts/agreements and necessary documents for project transfer in Vietnam
  • Customer representatives carrying out the necessary procedures with Vietnamese state agencies
  • Make project adjustments to customers when dividing, merging and transferring the project to Vietnam

Lawyer resolving project investment disputes in Vietnam

  • Collect information and evidence for resolving investment projects in Vietnam
  • Receive authorization to carry out legal procedures related to disputes for investment projects in Vietnam
  • Send lawyers to participate in negotiations and negotiations with parties when there is a dispute in Vietnam
  • Authorized representatives, appointing lawyers participated in courts and commercial arbitration.

Types of projects in Vietnam that lawyers supported

  • Real Estate Investment Lawyer in Vietnam: Real Estate Project Selling, Housing Project, Resort Real Estate Project, Residential Area Project, Urban Area Project …

  • Lawyer consultant for energy project: Hydropower project, wind power project, solar power project …
  • Project consulting lawyer in Vietnam
  • Agricultural project investment consultant in Vietnam
  • Lawyer consultant for projects investments in export processing zones, economic zones in Vietnam
  • Lawyer consulting project investment of hospitals, international hospitals in Vietnam
  • Lawyer consulting investment in school, education, foreign language center … in Vietnam

Cost of Lawyer consulting and supporting investment projects in Vietnam

We provide a lawyer service with a reasonable fee based on the nature and level of complexity of the requirements, conditions, circumstances of customers, time and effort of lawyers. Understanding the needs of customers, the law of Kien Viet creates conditions for customers to agree on various paid forms depending on their conditions such as:

  • Fixed fee.
  • Package consulting fee according to the case/request.
  • Hourly consulting fee.
  • Fee for % of the project value.
  • Private services of project investment lawyer monthly.
  • Project investment law service fee according to each application, specific work as agreed with customers.

We will notify customers in advance of additional expenses.

Contact with reputable project investment lawyer in Vietnam

If you have any questions about the project legal advice or wish to perform the project legal service in Vietnam, please do not hesitate to contact Kien Viet Law Firm at the following information:




Contact directly at Kien Viet Law

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