Enterprises Lawyer in Vietnam

Why do entrepreneurs and businesses need a lawyer?

  • Entrepreneurs and business managers are often busy. Therefore, they often have little time to learn about corporate law.
  • The legal system of enterprises has many governing documents and many overlapping and conflicting regulations.
  • Business transactions are often of great value or play an important role.
  • Business and transactions on the market have many potential risks of conflicts, disputes, frauds…We always advise our customers to prevent risks rather than settle disputes and consequences.
  • The current administrative or legal procedures for businesses are still complicated, so it is necessary to have a consultant and support person to perform them.

Why should you choose business-consulting services at Kien Viet Law?

  • A team of knowledgeable and experienced lawyers in the field of business and commerce. All lawyers of Keen Viet Law have been working and supporting businesses in many areas such as real estate, oil and gas, electricity, manufacturing, and services.
  • Understanding the conditions and desires of customers to offer appropriate solutions.
  • Consulting quickly and appropriately to meet the business needs of customers.
  • The cost is reasonable and flexible depending on the conditions and needs of the customer.
  • Secure documents and business information.
  • Procedures for establishing an enterprise, amending, supplementing, and changing business registration contents and business registration documents (internal dossiers, tax registration, capital contribution certificates…).
  • Investment consulting, registration for issuing investment certificates, and business registration for foreign-invested investors and enterprises.
  • Consulting, drafting documents, and agreements, and completing initial procedures for shareholders, members with each other, or between business owners and business managers.
  • Consulting, perfecting internal corporate legislation: working process, necessary regulations according to regulations, working forms, appointment decisions…
  • Consulting, drafting, and reviewing commercial business contracts that enterprises perform during operation.
  • Consulting on business conditions of enterprises during operation.
  • Consulting on types of licenses for businesses.
  • Consulting and implementing the transfer/sale of capital contribution, shares of the enterprise, and selling the business to partners.
  • In charge as a private lawyer for the business.

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